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Loan Rates

15 Yr Fixed Mort as low as 3.375%
New / Used Auto as low as 2.5%
HELOC (Qtrly Adj) as low as 3.5%
Personal as low as 9.9%
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Savings Account

To open a savings account, a $5 minimum deposit is required.  You must also maintain a minimum balance of $5 at all times.  This account is required for membership and makes you an owner of RiverFall Credit Union.  It also entitles you to all of the benefits of credit union membership - lots of free services like checking accounts and on-line banking with electronic bill pay, as well as lower rates on loans, higher rates on deposits, and minimal fees.


RiverFall accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

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Christmas Club Account
Start saving now for those holiday season expenses. You can open a Christmas Club Account any time and make deposits as often as you like.  You may also set up automatic, recurring deposits to this account from your savings or checking account.  In November, the funds will be deposited into your savings account for your convenience and you can start shopping! 


To open a Christmas Club Account, visit any RiverFall location.


Kids Club Account
Start your kids off right with their own savings account and teach them how easy it is to save.  


To open a Kids Club Account, visit any RiverFall location.


APY (Annual Percentage Yield)  for Club Acounts is the same as a regular savings account.